ARB OME application catalogue

OME Features NITROCHARGER SPORT SHOCK ABSORBERS LARGE BORE 35MMTWIN TUBE DESIGN Allows greater oil volume for cooling and sustained valving performance and strong 1.6mm outer tube construction protects the vital internal components from damage. LARGE 18MM HARDENED CHROME PISTON ROD Strong enough to handle any load or harsh conditions expected from your 4x4. TRIPLE LIP CHECK VALVE OIL SEAL – MK2 The latest technology in oil seal design – physically larger with quantum improvements in durability, oil and gas retention with much greater resistance to heat so it keeps working under the harshest conditions. TEFLON-IMPREGNATED LOW FRICTION ROD GUIDE The latest refinement in rod guide design further reduces heat build-up and maintains performance. TEFLON-INFUSED BRONZE ROD GUIDE SLIP RING A new component that maintains consistent and uniform performance by providing a tight and uniform fit between the piston rod and rod guide. MULTI DEFLECTIVE DISC VALVING SYSTEM A unique and new valving system that features multiple disc valving control at the base of the shock and on both sides of the piston rod. This allows the OME engineers more valving options for better ride quality and handling control. 35MM HIGH FLOWTEFLON-BANDED PISTON New low friction design has less restrictive oil flow through the piston, reduces heat build-up and aeration of the oil that leads to fade. VEHICLE-SPECIFIC VALVING OME shock absorbers performance stand head and shoulders over its competitors because many hours of OME engineering valving work have been put into each and every shock absorber to ensure our customers get the best ride and handling their vehicle can have. POLYETHYLENE DIRT SHIELD Impact-resistant, polyethylene dirt shield provides additional protection from stone chips and off road debris. NITROGEN GAS Increases the temperature operating range and improves oil flow through the valving, ensuring optimum performance. SUPPLEMENTARY WELDS For strength and reliability, all mounts have supplementary welds. NITROCHARGER SHOCK ABSORBERS GIANT 18MM CHROMED SHAFT Indestructible for Australia’s rugged off roading. Induction hardened then hard chromed to a superfine finish. NITROGEN GAS The gas pressure keeps the oil cohesive under all situations. TWIN TUBE DESIGN 33% thicker outer tube insures that rocks do not damage internal operating components. This design also allows for a greater volume of oil, which keeps the shock cooler. 35MM SEVEN STAGE COMPRESSION VALVE Delivers all the subtleties of compression rates for the best ride and handling. CHECK VALVE SEAL The latest in seal technology, this shaft seal significantly improves gas retention whilst offering excellent longevity. GLACIER BUSH A Teflon-coated rod guide bush significantly reduces heat build-up in the rod guide area, developed from the Emu’s off road racing program. GIANT 35MMTEFLON-BANDED PISTON A new four-stage coil-sprung rebound valve system to control vehicle bounce. SUPPLEMENTARY WELDS On all mounting eyes and pins for maximum shock absorber mount strength. STONEGUARD Protects oil seal and piston rod against stone and dirt damage. X5K MICRO-ALLOYED SPRING STEEL New generation high strength spring steel grade designed to withstand higher operating stresses with superior resistance to sag and improved toughness and corrosion fatigue properties. COIL SPRINGS SHOT-PEENED To reduce stress, which greatly enhances spring life. DOUBLE-SCRAGGED To eliminate spring sag. VARIABLE AND CONSTANT RATE Designs used to obtain optimum ride comfort and load-carrying capabilities. COIL SPRUNG 9 STAGE VALVING For optimum performance. STEERING STABILISERS 35MM PISTON & BORE Greater oil volume giving better damper performance. TWIN TUBE DESIGN Protects the internal components against stone damage. STEEL STONEGUARD Protects the piston rod against stone damage. FOAM CELL Keeps the oil at the valving to prevent fade. ORIGINAL MOUNTS All mounts are of similar design to original stabilisers for ease of fitment. LEAF SPRINGS FLAT AXLE SEAT AREA Lowers spring stress whilst retaining spring- free camber height. Unique to most OME springs. ANTI-FRICTION INTERLEAF LINERS Used where applicable to reduce friction between spring leaves, giving better ride comfort and increased spring life. SHOT-PEENED On the tension side of all leaves to double spring life. DRAW-TAPERED & DIAMOND CUT LEAVES For reduced interleaf friction and improved load distribution in the load-bearing area. GRAPHITE-COATED For further reduced friction. MILITARY-WRAPPED For extra safety (where fitment permits). LOOSE-CLAMPED For smooth and quiet operation. URETHANE BUSHES - LEAF SPRING PREMIUM GRADE Not all bushes are the same - OME bushes are precision moulded in captive moulds to ensure exact tolerances for long bush life. SPLINES Ensures the best fit by taking up irregularities in spring eyes. UNIQUE OME DESIGN Clever lip seal and shoulder design prevents dirt penetrating between bush shoulder and shackle face. GREASEABLE SHACKLES REDUCED WEAR Greasable shackles reduce shackle pin deterioration, increase bush life, enable easy maintenance and improve ride and handling. ANTI-INVERSION FACILITY Built-in feature on all LandCruiser greaseable shackles. SERVICING Simple and effective. WARRANTY For a copy of ARB’s Warranty Policy, ARB Products: Warranty Against Defects, please visit the ARB website.